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Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle safari tour is yet another most exciting wilderness activity to be done in Nepal. Nepal is a country rich in Natural heritage with exceptional biodiversity and awe inspiringly beautiful environment. Nepal offers all types of vegetation from subtropical forest to alpine meadows and arid vegetation. The diverse vegetation, landscape and climatic condition of the country offer wide variety of flora fauna and avifauna. Moreover the vast and dense subtropical forest and wetlands in the Terai belt of the country preserves some best and endangered wildlife habitat in the sub continent.

Nepal embrace all together 16 National Parks, Wildlife Reserves and Conservation area occupying 16 percent of the total land of the country. Beside all these there are many community forests run by the joint effort of the Local people, NGOS and Government. The National parks and wildlife Reserves of Nepal is making its effort in increasing the number of the endangered species like one horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Red Panda and many more. Due to the illegal poaching, deforestation and increase of the Population these animals are vulnerable to extinct.

If you are planning to have some true wilderness experience Nepal is the ideal destination for you. In Nepal Jungle safari tour you will get to experience the actual form of wilderness while you encounter the wild animals, Watch different variety of the Birds during the Elephant back safari and Jeep safari deep in to the Lush Jungles with abundant wildlife in Nepal. You will also get to enjoy the serene Canoe ride along the river that flows through the middle the Jungle. During your Canoe ride you will get to see many varieties of the Crocodiles and other water animals in the River.

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan Jungle Safari tour is one of the most awaited wilderness tours in Nepal. Chitwan is situated 146km away from the Kathmandu valley at the southern central Terai region of Nepal.

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Bardiya Jungle Safari

Bardiya National Park is the largest national park of the Country with total coverage of 968 sq. km. The park is situated in the most untouched wilderness zone of the Western Nepal.

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