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White Water Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is one of the most celebrated adventure activities to be done. Nepal is the second richest country in context of the water resources after Brazil. Nepal consist more than 6,000 rivers and rivulets many of which are Snow fed and runs throughout the year. Gandaki Koshi and Karnali are the Major river system of the country which are snow fed and belong to the antecedent group. Rivers like Kankai, Bagamati, and Kamala falls under second Group of the river those originating from the Mahabharata range. And third group are those originating from the Churia hills. These rivers are categorized according on the basis of their origin for commercial rafting purpose. 

Rivers in Nepal originating in the Himalayas and hills flows with great rapids through the steep slopes, rugged mountains and narrow canyons. Nepal offers many kind of the Rafting River depending upon your experience and interest. Some river offers class 3 and 4 rapids which are of moderate difficulty, some offers class 2 rapid where you can float along enjoying the scenery. During the monsoon season the rivers offer some awful rapids with huge waves. The rafting rivers in Nepal are clean and blue with bug free sun baked beaches. No other country than Nepal can provide you such a multi day raft trips along the warm river with spectacular mountain surrounding with lush forests and abundant wildlife.

Trishuli River Rafting

Trishuli River is one of the famous white water rafting rivers in Nepal. Trishuli River originates from the famous pilgrimage site of Gosainkund in the High Himalayas. It is believed that lord Shiva drove his trident into the rocky mountain of Himalaya and created three springs to quench his thirst after swallowing the poison that threatened to destroy the earth.

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Seti River Rafting

Seti River rafting is an idyllic trip for those who are planning to have the adventure with their family member. Seti River offers some of the most stunning views and pleasant flows with some less intense rapids. The warm water of the river and its beautiful vicinity will please you.

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Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Bhote Koshi River is one of the most adventurous rivers for rafting trip in Nepal. Bhote Koshi River is also one of the most popular white-water rafting and river is located about 70 km east of Kathmandu valley. Bhote Koshi River originates from high Himalayas of Tibet hence called the Bhote and Koshi means River.

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Kali Gandaki River Rafting

The Kali Gandaki River is one of the major rivers of Nepal and also important tributary of the Ganges in India. Kali Gandaki River originates in the upper Mustang region at an altitude of 3,900 m (12,795 ft). Originating from Mustang region the river flows down with great speed through the world deepest George Kali Gandaki George situated in between the Dhaulagiri (8167 m) to the west and Annapurna (8091 m) to the east.

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